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My first post concerns something very near and dear to me: my personal kit of essentials which I carry with me at all times around Seoul. I do genuinely get a kick out of finding mini-sized versions of things for my bag – the practicality! The usefulness! The friggin cuteness! I have detailed everything below with the specific reasons behind why exactly I choose to lug each item around.

Mallang Luna Pouch @ Artbox
I love this colourful pouch. It is good quality and the perfect size for my truckload of necessaries.

Kleenex Wipes (kiwi) @ Convenience Stores
I constantly find myself needing wet tissues after paroosing the countless Korean cosmetic stores and emerging from them covered knuckle to elbow in makeup testers.

Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner @ Olive Young
Facial mists first came to my attention when I noticed all of my Korean co-workers routinely spritzing their faces between classes. Since then I’ve become addicted and this all-natural one with rosewater and chamomile is a long-time favorite. Most used during sweaty subway rides and as a respite from the intense summer humidity.

Lotte I.D white Gum @ Convenience Stores
If you enjoy the deliciously garlicky national cuisine but aren’t yet accustomed to brushing your teeth in public bathrooms between meals like Koreans do then gum is definitely a necessity!

Tissues @ Watsons
Public bathrooms in Korea carry toilet roll about 50% of the time. Nuff said.

Lavera Repair Lipbalm @ Olive Young
This is the best lipbalm I have ever tried.

Mini Berry Lipbalm (shade 01: Cherry) @ Tony Moly
This peach-coloured lipbalm comes in an adorable cherry-shaped container. It smells and tastes like a summer cocktail.

Hot Girl Lip Sticker (shade 05) @ Too Cool For School
Too Cool For School make amazing quality, inexpensive cosmetics and this long-wearing matte lipstick blew me away. The color is a perfect pinky red and really does last a heck of a long time. It’s tiny too so great for carrying in your bag.

This little zapper delivers tiny charges of electricity into the area around a mosquito bite, making it heal much faster with barely an itch! Essential for me, as the mosquitoes here seem to be super-powered mutant versions of the ones back home.

Lanolips Rose Balm Intense @ Olive Young
There seems to be some unwritten rule over here that hands must be perfectly manicured at all times. I feel very unruly when I look down at my own chapped, craggly-nailed mitts. This is a great hand cream for summer as it absorbs fast with no greasy feeling. Also handy for on-the-go is a dinky Nail File @ Daiso.

Handmirror @ Tony Moly
This was free with purchase!

Natural Oil Control Paper @ Innisfree
Humidity + skin = shiny face.

Multi-Case Tin @ Artbox
These cute tins are great for storing all those random extras like Tylenol, kirby grips, plasters etc.

Tide To Go Marker @ not sure…
This was given to me by an American friend who noticed how much I enjoy spilling kimchi on myself. Since then I have been on the hunt for a similar version in Korea. This miracle worker definitely comes in handy, what with all the red sauce-based dishes I eat on a daily basis.

Zumreed Headphones @ Artbox
My typical day out in Seoul consists of multiple arduous subway rides. Escaping into my own world with music a coping mechanism against the lack of personal space on the subway!

Sunglasses @ Artbox
Summer in Korea is so much brighter than in England so I am a miserable squinter without these on hand. Stylish sunglasses can be found very cheaply here which is fortunate for those of us who regularly break misplace their sunglasses.



  1. Congratulations on your first blog post! Love the name coconut fox, how did you come up with that?
    Great product ideas, will definitely be trying the lip balm and zap it!!


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