South Korea, TRAVEL



For me, there are two options for the perfect Sunday: staying on the sofa with a Sci-Fi marathon…or heading out to Noksapyeong for a casual stroll and some amazing food.

This little corner of Northern Seoul is a great place to explore. Don’t arrive too early or you will find most establishments aren’t open. In fact, the place seems to awaken with the almighty yawn of a hundred hungover expats, most of whom shuffle over from Itaewon to revive themselves with coffee and pulled pork sandwiches, all the while soaking up the laid back ’boutique bohemia’ vibe.



My favorite things to do in Noksapyeong include: picking up herb plants from the mini flower market, drinking uniquely blended teas at Big Mug cafe, paroosing the shelves of the tiny but lovely Foreign Used Bookstore, visiting the E.T sculpture outside Monster Cupcakes, and generally trying new restaurants every time I’m there. I recently discovered a real juicing shop (none of that sugar syrup crap) and also an incredible pizza place (I nearly cried).



Right now, Noksapyeong has its cool card. As stated by a friend, it is Brooklyn to Itaewon’s New York. People don’t come in droves so you can savour your personal space. You don’t feel alienated as everyone is welcoming. There is barely an LED light in sight.

How to get there: Take subway line 6 to Noksapyeong station (one stop from Itaewon).


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