I’ve always been an eye over lip kinda woman. Sadly though, as the weeks pass by in South Korea the humidity % creeps higher and higher and all that polished liner and eyeshadow starts to look like a toddler got loose on my sockets with a black crayola.

So, I’ve become a bold lip, natural eyes convert and luckily no one does bright lip products better than in South Korea. It’s true that Korean cosmetic companies respond to beauty trends faster and better than anywhere else on the planet which is why the choice of lip products on the market is phenomenal.

363898fd81acae508bde549c3b1a469fRecently I picked up 4 new lip products from Aritaum and Etude House. The colours are similar (two orangey-corals and two bright pinks) but the effects are very different.

‘Swing Coral’ and ‘Polka Pink’ from Aritaum are lip tints which are supposed to stain your lips for a flush of bright color. I have owned many lip tints in the past and I can happily say these are THE BEST I’ve tried. My favourite of the two is ‘Polka Pink’. It is a true hot pink shade on the lips which when paired with a bright pink blusher, makes skin look fresh and bright. ‘Swing Coral’ is a very fruity shade which would look great with a hint of a tan. These tints stay on your lips for yonks without drying them out and are very pigmented. I  WANT  MORE…

I already own an Etude House Play Pencil in a deep red shade which I love so I had high hopes for all of the other colours in the range. Play Pencils are so-called because you can use them in whatever way you want – as an eyeliner, blusher, lipstick etc. I assumed that all the colours had the same formula but it turns out some are matte, some are glossy, and some are somewhere in between.
#20 is a true neon pink in a matte formula. I applied it on the lips and immediately had a WOA NELLY reaction. It’s the brightest lip product I own and…I…like it….I think. Maybe it’s because I’m so pale or so ginger, but it just looked a bit garish on me. The formula is a bit drying too so I would recommend a lip scrub and balm before using it.
With #5 I was expecting the same bold, opaque shade as on the packaging. However, the formula is glossy and not opaque at all. If I try to build it up then it just looks like I drank too much Lucozade… not very pretty 😦

I will go forth more cautiously with the Etude House Play Pencils and swatch the heck out of them before buying again.
As for the Aritaum lip tints, I already plan to pick up the lilac shade next time I’m near a store!


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