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Korean Product Review | Sum:37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick

A few days ago I hotfooted it to Hyundai Department Store with the focus and determination of a ninja assassin. My target was the Sum:37 counter. For eons now I have been wanting their Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick but buying it would have directly violated my New Year’s resolution to refrain from buying skincare items until all previous ones have been used up. Well, my cleanser stash was now well and truly depleted, including such items as the Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser, the Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser, a huge bottle of Desert Essence Jojoba Oil and every little poxy sample I had collected over the year. I had two choices remaining: the boyfriend’s Cetaphil (might as well use water), or an old bottle of canola oil from the kitchen cupboard.

My skin deserved better! It deserved rose petals! Hence the trip to Hyundai Department Store.

After pointing to what I wanted at the Sum:37 counter, the sales woman asked me if I just wanted one of the product. This cleanser must be pretty good, I thought. Korean women must be flocking here to buy lifetime supplies in one go. Sadly, as it turned out, this dream of a cleanser has been….DISCONTINUED! So her question was in fact a warning to buy as many as I could now or be sorry later!

Apparently,  there is some issue with the importation of ingredients, namely the rose, which is the signature ingredient of this product. I guess this means that the product could return in the future as sales figures were not the primary factor in it being discontinued.

So, lets look at the product itself. The stick is contained in a plastic twist-up tube in the prettiest muted-pink colour. It is not super-lightweight but it is great for travelling as you will never have to worry about it leaking/melting/getting smushed in any way. The stick looks like one of those beautiful boutique soaps with visible rose petals throughout. Heavy rose scents usually give me a headache but I had read that the scent of this cleanser was subtle and natural. This is thankfully true – no cleanser-induced headaches here.

Although the cleanser looks like posh soap, it doesn’t feel like soap on the skin. It is very creamy when applied and does not leave you feeling stripped or squeaky. I simply wet my face and neck with warm water, then rub the stick all over my wet skin in circular motions. I then wet my hands with warm water and massage the cleanser into a good lather. I rinse it all off with warm water and then splash a few handfuls of cold water on my face. After patting my skin dry, my face looks calm, smooth and even-toned. I especially like the feeling of not needing to apply moisturiser within 5 seconds to prevent my face from cracking.

(Quick note: Always give the stick a quick rinse with cold water after you’ve used it so that it doesn’t get messy around the edges)

FYI – I have very sensitive, dry skin and so foaming products are usually a no-no for me. However, after a quick google search for the english ingredients list, I found out the product contained no Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (a harsh chemical foaming agent). Instead it uses a natural foaming ingredient and is choc-a-bloc with skin loving oils.

I have one gripe with this product. I was hoping I could use it to remove light eye makeup but alas, it stings my eyes like a mother******. I’m assuming this is from the essential oils. It is disappointing but definitely not a dealbreaker.

The Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick has kicked off a vision of how I want my core skincare to be: highly effective, travel-appropriate, and beautiful to look at!


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