South Korea, TRAVEL

Seoul Weekly Wanderings #1

Seoul is a great city to live in – or if I may be more free and loose with the adjectives – it’s a gorgeous, gritty, dreamy, dirty, classy, quirky city to live in! Sadly though, my time left living here is melting away in a blur of classrooms and subway commutes while I get myself mentally prepared for the next chapter of my life. So in an effort to wake myself up to the fact I am still a resident of Seoul, I have decided to take my camera everywhere I go, no matter how dull the errand, or routine the journey. The results will be posted here on a (hopefully) weekly basis.

To get things started, here are a collection of photos taken over the past two months in two of my most-frequented areas: Itaewon and Gangnam.

Minimalist Storefront – Itaewon
Artsy Alleyway – Itaewon
Makgeoli House – Itaewon
Mystery Queue – Itaewon
Sunset Over The Han River
Rusting World – Gangnam
Inside And Outside – Gangnam
Epic Sculpture – Gangnam
Graffiti – Gangnam

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