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Canang Sari – The Beautiful God Offerings Of Bali

When I travel to a new place there will inevitably be one aspect of the culture/architecture/environment etc. that I become fixated on and must photograph at every opportunity (usually to the annoyance of those traveling with me!). In Bali I became obsessed with god offerings (Canang Sari) which the Hindu population would leave in temples and outside doorways on a daily basis.
They were colourful little parcels comprised of coconut leaves, flowers, and small tidbits of food. I found them so delicate and beautiful in their temporary nature. As the day went on they would begin to perish with their contents scattered about on the street like confetti.

My biggest regret from Bali is that I never attended one of the classes available where you could learn to make these god offerings. If I return to Bali it will be at the top of my list!

What follows is an edited (very edited!) collection of photos of Balinese god offerings. Enjoy!









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