Hi, I’m Amelia and welcome to The Fruitful Flâneur!

What is a flâneur, you ask? It’s someone who experiences their surroundings by wandering/exploring/strolling endlessly and aimlessly. They are always armed with a camera, a curiosity for life and a desire for adventure. Yep…that pretty much sums me up!

About The Fruitful Flâneur
The Fruitful Flâneur is a travel and lifestyle-improvement blog, dedicated to the art of living a fruitful life. I write for people like me who aren’t health and fitness goddesses or happiness gurus but who have woken up one day and realized they want to make a change (however small) to impact their overall wellbeing. You’ll find actionable advice on relationships, healthy habits, online work and more. I also share travel tips and stories (the good and the bad) from my backlog of backpacker memories.
I hope I can inspire you in any way to start living every day more fruitfully!

About me
In 2012, when most of our friends were settling down and buying their first houses, my boyfriend and I decided to leave England to try living the life less traveled. We spent an incredible 4 years teaching English in South Korea and Vietnam and backpacking around Asia at every available opportunity.
In 2016 we realized what we both truly wanted and that was location independence; a lifestyle that would allow us to work online from anywhere in the world. 2017 is the year we explore all the ways we can make that dream a reality. We have no idea what country we will be living in next but I’m excited to find our perfect corner of the world!

Read along and follow the adventure 🙂


4 thoughts on “ABOUT”

    1. That is so amazing and lovely! Thankyou so much! I love your blog too! I will be writing the Liebster Award post this weekend 🙂 thanks for making my bleary day a lot brighter!

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