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The Liebster Award

A few weeks ago, Amanda from So Koreazy nominated me for the Liebster Award which was so sweet and lovely! The Liebster Award is a really great thing. Its ongoing purpose: to seek out new blogs and new creative endeavors; to boldly go......yea, 1st random fact about me - I love any excuse to work… Continue reading The Liebster Award

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Moth Moments

There are some moments (mostly at night time) that cause me to stop and stare. That which glows, surrounded by darkness is the most beautiful thing to me. One evening, I was walking down the crowded pavement, noise and elbows on either side, when I saw this man selling flowers from the back of a… Continue reading Moth Moments

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One of my many New Year's resolutions for 2014 was to read twelve books. One book a month certainly didn't sound like an unrealistic goal, but, alas, here I am in the month of June, having just finished the FIRST book of the year. I blame the teaching profession and its numbing effect on my… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW | THE HAPPINESS PROJECT BY GRETCHEN RUBIN