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10 Things You Will Love About Living In South Korea

I feel very fortunate to have called South Korea my home for over 3 years, during which time I set about peeling back the layers of this beautiful, quirky onion of a country. What originally began as a '5 things' post quickly morphed into '10 things' as more and more charming tidbits of Korean life… Continue reading 10 Things You Will Love About Living In South Korea

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Seoul Weekly Wanderings #2

Autumn has arrived in Seoul (thank god), bringing with it a fresh breeze and beautiful contrasts of fiery leaves against the grey concrete! Now that I'm trying to be more aware of my surroundings I am noticing just how much street art is hidden around this city. Commissioned murals are out in the open but… Continue reading Seoul Weekly Wanderings #2

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Seoul Weekly Wanderings #1

Seoul is a great city to live in - or if I may be more free and loose with the adjectives - it's a gorgeous, gritty, dreamy, dirty, classy, quirky city to live in! Sadly though, my time left living here is melting away in a blur of classrooms and subway commutes while I get myself mentally prepared for the next… Continue reading Seoul Weekly Wanderings #1

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My MERS-Induced Office Life

I have been silent and stationary at a desk, 9 hours a day, for the past 5 days. This is unusual for me as a teacher who is accustomed to spending her working hours using emphatic body gestures to explain vocabulary while projecting my voice to the back of the classroom like a thespian at… Continue reading My MERS-Induced Office Life

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Solo Weekend in Seoul

This weekend was the first weekend I've spent solo in god knows how long. It just so happens it also coincided with Valentines Day, so with the boyfriend off skiing I decided I deserved a memorable weekend of me-time. I am currently typing this in one of my favorite coffee shops on a spring-like Sunday… Continue reading Solo Weekend in Seoul

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I'm so happy I finally made it to Loving Hut in Sinchon! Back when Busan was my home and meat was not my friend, I used to frequent a Loving Hut at least once a week. Since becoming an uber carnivore I sadly lost my appreciation for a well-made, animal product-free meal and so one… Continue reading VEGAN EATS AT SINCHON LOVING HUT

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Ink Bomb 2014 is a pretty rockin event for a country that still enforces laws against tattooing and carries a general social disdain for the sight of inked skin. In the spirit of non-conformity, a few friends and I went to the Ink Bomb tattoo convention this year to soak up the heady alt-atmosphere. During… Continue reading SEOUL INK BOMB TATTOO CONVENTION

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For me, there are two options for the perfect Sunday: staying on the sofa with a Sci-Fi marathon...or heading out to Noksapyeong for a casual stroll and some amazing food. This little corner of Northern Seoul is a great place to explore. Don't arrive too early or you will find most establishments aren't open. In… Continue reading LAZY SUNDAYS IN NOKSAPYEONG

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In an effort to get out of our Gangnam bubble, my boyfriend and I decided to Google 'Top 10 day trips from Seoul'. What we found were many positive reviews of Seoul Grand Park (in Gwacheon City), which houses a zoo, a botanical garden, a contemporary art museum and an amusement park. Initially, we had… Continue reading AN AFTERNOON AT SEOUL GRAND PARK