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10 Things You Will Love About Living In South Korea

I feel very fortunate to have called South Korea my home for over 3 years, during which time I set about peeling back the layers of this beautiful, quirky onion of a country. What originally began as a '5 things' post quickly morphed into '10 things' as more and more charming tidbits of Korean life… Continue reading 10 Things You Will Love About Living In South Korea

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My MERS-Induced Office Life

I have been silent and stationary at a desk, 9 hours a day, for the past 5 days. This is unusual for me as a teacher who is accustomed to spending her working hours using emphatic body gestures to explain vocabulary while projecting my voice to the back of the classroom like a thespian at… Continue reading My MERS-Induced Office Life

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Solo Weekend in Seoul

This weekend was the first weekend I've spent solo in god knows how long. It just so happens it also coincided with Valentines Day, so with the boyfriend off skiing I decided I deserved a memorable weekend of me-time. I am currently typing this in one of my favorite coffee shops on a spring-like Sunday… Continue reading Solo Weekend in Seoul